Kraja_telefonaA smartphone, like any other phone, can be easy prey for attackers. Our mobile phone is always within reach: we carry it in an external pocket, purse or put it on the table during lunch. An attacker is able to steal a phone in just a few seconds.

If the smartphone falls into the hands of the criminal, then he will be a threat to its owner. Indeed, due to its functionality, a lot of personal information can be stored on a smartphone, and if a criminal hands over a phone at half price to street vendors, then this is one thing, but if he decides to use your data?

What to do when stealing a phone?

Is there any phone theft insurance? And where is the best place to go when stealing a phone? How to protect the phone from theft or how to block the phone when it is stolen?

You can insure your phone against theft, but it is best to use a special service Vkur.Se - an anti-theft program for your Android phone is a strong and effective protection.

Modern smartphones run on Android and after you install Vkur.Se on your phone You will receive the protection of your Android phone from theft. Using our service, the phone’s owner can track all the operations that an attacker is trying to perform (the location of the device, calls, recording the environment, the exact time and location of the phone when changing the SIM card and more) In this case, all data will be sent to the electronic box or to your personal account.

After stealing the phone, the attacker immediately begins to examine its contents, checks the functionality, and only then turns off the phone and ejects the SIM card. That's why it is always worth checking if your phone is stolen. Using our service, namely the program against theft of the Vkur.Se phone, you can successfully clear all data on the smartphone using remote commands, even the information stored on the memory card.

Further, you can track the location of the attacker, even if at that moment the GPS navigation on the phone is disabled. And how to manage this information in the future is up to you: to call the police or to sort it out yourself.

Our advice: if the phone was stolen and you have all the data and know how to find the intruder, contact the police. Do not try to do it yourself, it is best to take all the data to the police. In the meantime, the police officers are looking for the intruder, you can use our VkurSe program to block or turn off the phone altogether.

The question appears: "Will an attacker be able to remove this application?" No, because this application is difficult to find or find on the phone. Also, to work with the application, you must enter a password that is known only to the owner.

In any case, thanks to the program from stealing the Android VkurSe phone, this theft for the attacker will be the last. Well, the phone will be able to safely return to its owner.