Recording the sound (surroundings) of another phone

Is it possible to record sound around the phone? How to record the surroundings of another phone? What is needed for this? Details on how to record ambient sound through Android commands and settings.

Environment Record - this is an opportunity to hear at a distance what is happening near a particular phone.

What for? There are various reasons for this.

For example, Parental Control, which will allow you to fully control your children through their Android phones.
The included recording of the environment on the child's phone will allow you to hear with whom the child communicates on the street, what interests his friends have and in what company he is spinning.

Also, parents will know what is being done during the break, what is the attitude of classmates towards your child, what they are talking about and what they are discussing at school.
It is also possible to record the environment from a child's phone when the child is alone at home, what he listens to, what games he plays, and in general, whether he does his homework.

In other words, recording ambient sound around android phone is a pretty useful feature that works great in our VkurSe app.

How to enable environment recording on another phone?

Recording the environment can be started with a command. When sending the command, you will be given the option to select the recording period. For example, 30 minutes. After sending the command, the microphone on the Android phone will turn on and will record the sound for exactly 30 minutes. Then the files with this entry will be transferred to you.
Attention, commands are sent and processed by the program only if the phone has Internet.

You can set the recording period by interval. The program has a special ability to set intervals in advance. For example, from 10:00 to 12:000 every day. Then the ambient sound from the phone will be recorded even without the Internet, but exactly at the time specified in the settings.

Attention, if you want to record the environment for more than an hour, then it is better to set the record splitting so that the file does not turn out to be too “heavy”, but leaves in parts. How to do this, ask our consultants.

On Android, the recording of the environment is recorded without problems. For all the time of our program, there were no problems with this function. Even if Android 12 or 13 version.

What needs to be done to be able to record sound?

To do this, you need to take an Android phone and install our VkurSe program there:

Step 1. Pass easy registration on the site.
Step 2. Free download file.
Step 3. Install on the child's phone (detailed instructions).

You will be aware of everything that is happening not only in the phone, but also near it - a unique function "Recording ambient sound".

Then, either by a command or by a period, receive files with a recording and listen to them at any time convenient for you.

Do you have any questions? Write to our online consultants!