Recording calls on Android 2022

Does call recording work on Android 9? What is the best Android recording app in 2022? Where can I download it and how to install it?

It is no secret that it is not difficult to intercept and find out the contents of the conversation. There are many ways to record phone calls on Android both in automatic mode and manually, both remotely and covertly.

To date, 10 applications occupy a leading position in the market for such software. One of the best applications has been and will be VkurSe program.


How to correctly record phone calls on Android in 2022

We will not dwell on methods that allow you to record automatically or through applications from the Play Store. Also, we are not interested in the methods of recording calls through the applications originally installed in the Android operating system.

We will look at ways to record phone calls on the “right” phone to listen to the “right” conversations.

If the hidden program for recording telephone conversations is installed on the child’s phone, it will be full parental control. Parents will be able to listen to conversations and remotely turn on the recording environment. This will help to keep abreast of who the child is talking to and about. This is especially true if he is in his teens.

Hidden recording of phone calls for Android will allow for corporate control over employees. You will know how much and with whom your employees talk during working hours. We are open for cooperation and can offer various options (see Corporate control).

It is also necessary to install the program on the phone of elderly parents if they live separately. This way, you can figure out the scammers that go around the elderly. This may be sellers of miraculous expensive, but very necessary medicines. It can be black realtors hunting for apartments.

In addition, the program functions will help you find a stolen phone. Our application is positioned and how theft protection... It is clear that the SIM card will be immediately thrown away, everything will be dropped to the factory settings and the phone will be sold. But, sooner or later, the Internet will appear on the phone, and then the installed application will send you the coordinates where the SIM card was changed, and all the calls that were recorded by the program during the absence of the Internet.

It is because of its versatile use and huge functional  VkurSе - the best program in 2022!


Where to download the program?

Attention! Registration and installation file on the site are provided free of charge. If you are charged for registration, these are scammers. There are no video tutorials on YouTube and there never will be. All bloggers who say that installation is paid and registration is paid, and we can help you - these are scammers - do not fall for deception! Register and download the installation file only from the official site!

So, you need to download the phone recording application for free from the website - on the main page the “Download” button, as well as in the “Downloads” tab. And you need to install it on the phone whose conversations you want to hear. For example, if you need a child’s conversations, you need to install the application on the child’s phone.

Our application will work for free the first day. During this period, you need to install it on your phone, check if everything works, if everything suits you, and only then pay for further work.

To not mess up anything, read the article “How to install our application correctly»- there everything is about registration, where and what is installed, where the data comes from, and there you will also find a step-by-step very detailed Installation Guide for the application in pictures.


How does the program for recording calls on Android 9

Now many people already know that Android 9 recording does not record conversations without Root rights. Therefore, you need to root the phone and give root rights to our application. Almost all applications of this kind have encountered this complexity.

At the moment, this situation has developed - after installing the application, the first calls are recorded, but after 30-60 minutes of inactivity 9 Android completely blocks access to the camera, microphone and speaker. Since our (and similar to ours) program works in stealth mode, it does not show activity either.

It will be very difficult to say whether recording telephone conversations on Android 9 without Root rights is very difficult. For example, recording calls to Android 9 on Samsung - maybe the interlocutor will not be heard. Everything is very individual here and therefore you need to root the phone, install the application and see if the full recording of the telephone conversation on Android 9.0 is on your device.


So how do you enable recording on the phone during a call?

After the application is installed on the phone, you do not need to turn on anything else. Recording will go on every call (if you yourself do not set any restrictions during setup). Regardless of whether the Internet is on the controlled telephone or not, the application will record calls, and as soon as the Internet is turned on, all the records will be transferred to your personal account.


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