Warning Release


ATTENTION! Transition from version 4.2 to version and higher impossibleauto update also impossible.

Auto-update will work with and higher. You can also upgrade to previous all previous beta versions.

IF YOU HAVE OLD VERSIONS up to and lower - first remove the old application and only after that install a new one!

After installation, it may be necessary to re-register the GCM for management through the site.

List of release changes:
- Interception of messages from the new version of VK
- Whatsapp call interception (possibly not stability during outgoing calls, glitches are observed on some devices)
- Fixed crash of the program at startup (instant minimization - as a result of which it was impossible to enter data)
- Fixed transfer to the system area (maybe problems with MIUI? Write to the PM)
- Fixed: the fact of a vibe call when its name was displayed with an incoming call
- Sound is now written in mp3 format (in the settings you can only change the discretization of the recording)
- Call recording on Android 6.0+ (recording on MIUI is not stable, for whom it works or doesn’t work, write the phone model, android version, miui version in LAN)
- Updated English localization of the application, now the language changes depending on the language of the device
- Changes to the photographing algorithm (if there are problems with the photo when unlocking, increase the delay before the photo)
- Fixed a bug with installation in the system partition when the application disappeared and the phone did not restart.

PS AutoUpdate (on command) will work with Beta and higher!

Generations are temporarily unavailable for version - will be available soon.



What we plan in the future:

  • Updated client (more convenient personal account)
  • Personal Account Processing
  • View your phone screen online
  • Playmarket application version (maximized version, only GPS monitoring, call and SMS archiving + some commands)
  • Adding new messengers for archiving
  • Correction of various kinds of bugs in what is already there
  • Iphone support
  •  Well, a lot of processing to improve stability