What task are you solving?

Any business - large or very small - has the same tasks, ensure the security of confidential information and protect the business from information leakage. Our service will help to solve these problems comprehensively and technologically.

What do we offer you?

A completely independent solution for employee control. Installing and configuring the service on your servers, as well as further updating and maintaining the service without access to your information

After installing and configuring the boxed version on your server, you will receive:

A tool with which you can monitor your employees, as well as a huge functionality features:


Forward employee location coordinates based on time period

Internet monitoring

Archiving employee actions on the Internet


Forward all incoming and outgoing messages to an email address


Monitor all photos taken by an employee on the phone


Remote start or stop phone monitoring


Take screenshots on the employee’s phone


Block your phone remotely using the Internet


Interval recording

If you are interested in the conditions for purchasing the boxed version of the VkurSe service, as well as other details, you can contact our online consultants, send a letter to us by mail, or contact us by phone number

Tel: + 7 (960) 322-03-97
Mail: support@vkur.se

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