Learn All About Wife: 9 Proofs of Cheating

Don't know how to find out if your wife has cheated on you? Have you decided to expose her treason? Do you want to find out your wife's secrets: read her correspondence, view photos, listen to calls and see the location on the map? Details on how to collect irrefutable evidence of the betrayal of your beloved wife. Be aware of everything your wife is doing!

I will not describe the strange folk ways that a jealous spouse is offered to rummage in his underwear or sniff his wife's panties, to look closely at her behavior or look into her eyes. All this is the lot of psychologists and there is no guarantee that your conclusions will be drawn correctly.

Therefore, in order to find out if the wife is cheating with an accuracy of 100%, it is necessary to install a tracking program on her phone. Yes, yes ... to her favorite smartphone, with which she does not part, day or night. Everything is elementary and simple!

What is a tracking program? This is a program that, after installation, will begin to collect all information from the wife's phone and transfer it to her husband. Tracking programs are designed to maintain round-the-clock control over the device on which they are installed. At the moment we are interested in tracking programs for Android phones and tablets.

VkurSe Program Is a simple and multifunctional tracking program that will allow the husband to learn more and more about his wife. It is installed once on the phone, and after installation it transfers everything that is done on this phone and even near it.

The VkurSe program will really help you find out the secrets of your wife:

  • where was during the day;
  • with whom he is talking on the phone (recording of telephone conversations);
  • with whom he communicates on the Internet (recording calls and correspondence from instant messengers);
  • which photos she received and deleted, and which she kept;
  • which sites you visited;
  • what contacts are on the phone;
  • what she did at home and at work;
  • and much more (see Capabilities).

As you already understood, in order to find out all her secrets about your wife, you need to call her download vkurse for free... By going to the official website you will find a video instruction for installation and Pdf manual... And if you have any questions about the service, you can always get an answer in the online chat from our consultants.

Method number 1. How to find out the location of your wife

The VkurSe tracking program will allow you to determine the coordinates of the spouse's phone through GPS, mobile towers of operators, as well as by points of connection to Wi-Fi. So if your beloved, leaving the house, deliberately turns off the GPS on her gadget, then you will still see her on the map.

Finding out where the wife is now is quite simple. You will need to send the command "Show phone position". And right there on the map you will have its coordinates.

And if you need to find out where your wife is during the day, then you can set the "Determine coordinates by interval" function. And then a complete picture of the entire route along which your beloved woman was moving will come together.

After all, she is still loved by you, isn't that so? After all, her betrayal has not yet been proven and perhaps she is faithful to you and really only goes on business and only to her girlfriends. So he will not run ahead of the cart, but will take calm steps further in our espionage investigations.

Method number 2. How to find out who called your wife's phone

You have noticed that your significant other has begun to talk on the phone longer than usual. Or even worse, she began to leave during a conversation to another room. Or nervously looks at the phone when it rings, and you are nearby, and sighs with relief if this is a call from a mother, girlfriend or child. If this is all so, then there is something to think about ... but, perhaps you are just winding everything up for yourself. So how do you know who your wife is talking to on her phone?

VkurSe tracking program:

  • will record all telephone conversations;
  • will provide all the details of outgoing / incoming / missed calls - from which number they called, how this number is recorded in contacts, what time they called and how long the conversation lasted;
  • if you need to find out your wife's calls made over the Internet, then our program will allow you to record calls from WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype and Imo;
  • will record voice messages from WhatsApp and Telegram;
  • and will also allow you to record surround sound.

As you can see, finding out who your wife is calling is not so difficult. Records of literally all conversations will be at your fingertips. Even those conversations that she had near her phone (in the office, room, cafe, store, etc.).

Method number 3. View photo on wife's phone

As the saying goes, "see once than hear 100 times." What am I talking about? Oh, yes, about the photos that the sweet, unique beloved keeps on her phone. The VkurSe program will allow you to open the internal folders of the phone and the gallery, from where you can view, and, if necessary, download pictures.

It is unique, but the program will allow the husband to see the photos that the wife receives through WhatsApp and Telegram, looks and immediately deletes. And Skype can be intercepted using screenshots (instant screenshots). Calls from Skype will be recorded, and what is done there with the help of the camera, all this will be provided by screenshots.

Do not believe that this is really possible? But in vain! This is indeed the case. And if a wife is cheating on her husband by correspondence, then she will definitely send pictures and there will be irrefutable incriminating evidence and evidence of her betrayal.

The husband will be able to find out that his wife is cheating on the photographs that are sent to her. Believe me, many lovers are very fond of sending their genitals to their full "height". I want to warn you right away that this will be an unpleasant sight for a loving husband, but what can you do - you yourself wanted to see it ...

Method number 4. How to find out which sites your wife visits

The program will allow the husband to see a list of sites that his wife has opened on her phone - this feature is called "browser history".

Indeed, in addition to gardening, cooking, home economics and articles on the proper upbringing of children, there are dating sites, porn sites and other similar services on the Internet. And it becomes clear why the husband is interested in finding out on which sites his wife is sitting.

Now, in detail about how to find out the wife's correspondence on the phone, in order to check whether she is cheating on the Internet. The program will help to intercept correspondence from the most popular social networks and instant messengers, such as: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me, VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and KateMobile for Vkontakte. Let's take a look at some of them.

Method number 5. How to find out the correspondence in Odnoklassniki wife

If the wife is cheating by correspondence in Odnoklassniki, then the program will allow you to see this correspondence:

  • using chat screenshots;
  • by intercepting notifications (messages that come to your beloved's phone);
  • by intercepting keyboard presses (messages that it sends);
  • by intercepting correspondence (only for Root phones).

In great detail about how you can find out the correspondence of your wife in Odnoklassniki, you can read in this article.

Method number 6. How to find out the correspondence of your wife in WhatsAp and Telegram

Now about how to find out with whom the wife is texting in Watsap and Telegram. These two messengers are intercepted by the VkurSe program even without root rights:

  • see the correspondence between WhatsAp and Telegram;
  • listen to calls made with WhatsAp and Telegram;
  • listen to WhatsAp and Telegram voice messages;
  • view photos received from WhatsAp and Telegram.

Now you know how you can find out if your wife is cheating on Vatsap or Telegram - install the tracking program and get everything that is done on these messengers, even without root rights - these are the unique functions of our VkurSe program.

For more information about interception from WhatsAp, you can read in this article, but about hacking Telegram in this article.

Method number 7. How to find out with whom the wife of VKontakte is texting

As you already know, you can find out your wife's correspondence in VKontakte in the same way as in other messengers and social networks described above. Installation of the program will take no more than 20-30 minutes. And it will transmit all the information around the clock. So the game is worth the candle. And even if you cannot take your wife's phone in your hands to install software there, then buy her a new one, install it and give it as a present. In more detail about how you can see someone else's VKontakte correspondence read this article

Well, everything, since we already know how to find out the correspondence in the wife's VK, then we move on to the next question or method that will allow us to catch our beloved in treason. And can it still confirm her innocence? How you want it to be that way.

Method number 8. How to find out if your wife is cheating at work

Interesting question, isn't it? The wife will not call her lover from home if they already meet at work every day. This means that the recording of calls will not be able to help us in our espionage investigations. She also will not conduct love correspondence, which means that intercepting messages will not be able to help either. So what to do then in this case?

You can find out about cheating on your wife at work as follows:

  • record ambient sound on command;
  • record ambient sound by interval.

Recording the environment through a microphone will allow you to hear everything that is happening in the office or room within a radius of 3 meters. And if the wife has a love affair at work, then you can find out.

You can set the program to an option so that it itself turns on the recording of the environment, say, at lunchtime from 12:00 to 14:00. Or just send the command - "record the environment" and set the duration of the recording.

As you can see, you can also find out if your wife has ever cheated at work. After all, the phone will lie next to her in the office anyway.

Method number 9. See all keystrokes on the phone

Now, in detail about how to find out what a wife is doing on her phone, in addition to correspondence in social networks and conversations.

Interception of keystrokes is completely everything that your significant other pressed on the keyboard with your finger. But what is this function for, since the correspondence will be visible anyway? And how can intercepting the keyboard help to convict the wife of treason?

So, intercepting the keyboard will allow you to find out if the wife is cheating on her husband, not only in correspondence and by photos, but also on sites where there are hidden chats or correspondence is conducted in incognito mode.

Maybe I’ll tell you a big secret, but statistics show that 70% of women playing online games make lovers there. They, of course, will never meet in life (although there were cases when married couples were formed thanks to online games), but the fact that the wife conducts love correspondence in the game, and then after the game, is of course still the fact of betrayal. Let not physical, but moral.

So install the program 1 time and you will have a real opportunity to learn literally everything and even more about your wife!

What other ways are there to find out about his wife's cheating?



Now you know how to find out if a wife has changed with an accuracy of 100% - install a tracking program on her phone and be aware of all her correspondence, calls, photos and travel routes. VkurSe - get to know your wife!


Write all questions to online consultants! The choice is always yours!

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