Tracking Husband: Top 2022 Apps Review

How to secretly spy on my husband's phone? How to track calls, correspondence and where is the husband? You asked - we answer! Review of the best husband tracking apps in 2022. VkurSe - stay informed!

Should I follow my husband?

Our lovely lovely ladies! As you already understood, we will not take your time and talk about whether it is worth following your husband's correspondence or taking his word for it. Once doubts have crept in about the honesty of your spouse, it is useless to dissuade you. And you know it))

Better we will tell you how to track your husband's phone, how to set up surveillance and what programs are the best for this.

The programs for spying on husband and wife installed on phones are no different. The only difference (and even then not always) is that men are better versed in technology, and therefore it will be necessary to set up the program on their gadgets more carefully.

So, meet the next five of the best spyware programs that will let you see everything your spy is doing on and around his phone.

Best husband tracking software in 2022

1. Vkurse
4. Cell tracker

And with programs like Talklog, FlexiSpy, Android Monitor and Mobile-Spy (mSpy) You can read our detailed review “Top 5 Surveillance Apps in 2022».

1. VkurSe program

VkurSe Program Is one of the best programs to track your husband through his Android phone. After installation, it hides. Works quietly. Transmits data unnoticed. After installation, you will be able to receive:

  • location (online, by command, every interval, full route);
  • records of telephone conversations;
  • records of calls made via Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, etc .;
  • recording voice messages from Telegram and WhatsApp;
  • log of all calls (date, number, call duration);
  • correspondence of Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Instagram and other well-known social networks and instant messengers;
  • SMS messages
  • phone screenshots (screenshots);
  • photos from the gallery;
  • received photos from Telegram and WhatsApp (even if the husband later deletes them);
  • keystrokes on the keyboard (keylogger);
  • notifications coming to the phone's shutter;
  • and much more.

The functionality of the program is really impressive. And therefore, every year (since 2015) our Vkurse program takes leading positions in the tops and reviews of the best applications for spying on the phone of a husband, wife, child and any person you need.

Now a little about how to put surveillance on your husband's phone.

It is quite simple to set up spying on your husband's mobile phone:

Step 1. Register on the site... You can also register during the installation of the program.
Step 2. Download the app for free.
Step 3. Install on the husband's phone - the site has picture guide.

We understand that many women will have difficulty installing surveillance on their husband's phone - fear not! Online consultants are on duty on the site, there is a detailed guide and round-the-clock technical support, which will always answer all your questions.


2. Cocospy program

Another great program for spying on your husband. Let our dear women:

  • see the geolocation of the phone;
  • Receive telephone conversations
  • read correspondence and SMS messages;
  • receive all keystrokes;
  • view photos.

Why is this program ranked second? Due to its unique ability - it will allow you to track your husband's iPhone without his knowledge. Installed on the wife's phone. During installation, the iPhone data is entered (iCloud password and Apple ID).

The main advantage of this method is that you do not need to crack the phone firmware and jailbreak it. The main minus is all in English.

Attention! This is the only program that does not need to be installed on the husband's phone, since we are talking about the iPhone and iPad.


3. NeoSpy program

Gets bronze in the top of the best surveillance apps of 2022, due to its limited functionality. After installation, the wife will be able to follow the husband according to the following data:

  • location, only when GPS is on;
  • call log (date, number, duration);
  • phone screenshots (screenshots);
  • keystrokes on the keyboard (keylogger);
  • SMS messages
  • photo from gallery.

A little about how to set up spying on your husband - there are two versions of the program. If you download NeoSpy from the Play Store, then the application icon cannot be hidden.

If you need a hidden program to spy on your husband's phone, then you will need to download the installation file from their website and pay. You will be able to hide the icon from the phone's desktop.


4. Free Cell Tracker software

Now a little about how to track your husband's phone by geolocation for free. Yes, yes, there are free programs, only with limited functions, which is the Cell Tracker program.

It is a simple program, easy to install and is a GPS tracker. Allows you to track the location of the husband through his Android phone. Transmits coordinates in real time.

If you do not need correspondence and calls, but need to track your husband's location by phone for free, then this is what you need.


5. MobileTool program

This application, which allows you to track your husband through his Android phone, has been in the TOP of the best for a long time and is not going to leave him. Installation is quite simple. Hides from the desktop. Has powerful functionality.

The only thing that can alienate our lovely women from this application for spying on her husband is the daily price, which in a month translates into a rather "tidy" amount.

So we finished our roundup of the best husband tracking software in 2022.


You asked - we answer!


So how does husband spying work on Android phones and iPhones? Detailed answers to questions that are often asked by our consultants.

Question: "How to track my husband's conversations?"

- Conversations are of 3 types - through phone calls, through calls made over the Internet and conversations near the phone (in the car, office, apartment, bar). Depending on this, you need to choose a program. For example, the VkurSe program will allow you to receive:

  • records of telephone conversations;
  • records of calls made over the Internet;
  • recording of ambient sound (dictaphone) - conversations near the phone;
  • voice messages made over the Internet.

As you can see, you can track your husband's calls not only when he is talking on the phone, but also when he is talking near him. Practically all of the above programs have the “dictaphone” service.

Question: "How to track the phone calls of the husband of Tele2?"

- Any program for spying on the husband's phone records conversations through a microphone. Therefore, it does not matter at all from which mobile operator they were produced. The program will record calls from Tele2, and from Beeline, and from MTS, and from Uzbek operators, and from Kazakh, and from Ukrainian and any other country where the husband uses his phone.

Question: "Will the program for tracking my husband's phone work for free?"

- Yes, all programs during the test period will track my husband's phone absolutely free of charge. This is done specifically so that you can install and test the program for functionality.

In addition, there are special free programs that allow you to follow your husband over the phone. In our review, we have already mentioned this - this is MobileTool. As you already know, with the help of it you can track where your husband is for free.

Question: "How to track my husband's Telegram?"

- Install the VkurSe program on your husband's phone, and it will send you from Telegram:

  • calls;
  • voice messages;
  • correspondence;
  • Photo.

As you can see, it is quite possible to track the husband's Telegram without his consent. The main thing is to install the program.

Question: "How to track my husband's WhatsApp?"

- With WhatsApp, the situation is exactly the same as with Telegram. The Vkurse program will allow you to track through Watsap:

  • calls from her husband;
  • voice messages;
  • correspondence;
  • photos that were sent to my husband (even if he later deletes them).

As you already understood, you can spy on your husband's WhatsApp.
We, of course, advise you to install the VkurSe program. After all, only our application will allow you to track calls from your husband's Telegram and WhatsApp without root rights.

Question: "How can I track my husband by phone number without consent?"


- No way. It is impossible to follow the husband by the phone number. Remember:

  1. If the husband has an Android smartphone or tablet, then the installation of the program is required.
  2. If the husband has an iPhone or iPad, then the installation is needed on your phone, and during installation you will provide the husband's phone data.

In any case, the program needs to be installed. Just like that, by phone number, spying on your husband is impossible.


We follow my husband competently! Guidance and support on the site - all this will allow you to correctly install the program on the phone of your beloved spouse.

We would like to warn you that hidden surveillance of a husband / wife / person is prohibited by law. Therefore, for all spyware programs, the installation link is freely available, the installation is done on the device manually and voluntarily. And all spyware is positioning itself as a program to control and monitor mobile phones. It is your choice to spy on your husband secretly without knowing it - know this.


Do you have any questions? Write to our online consultants!



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