Program for parental control of the Internet

Modern parents are well aware that children on the Internet can “run into” pornography, videos with animal abuse, propaganda for suicide, drugs or spice drugs.

You can of course put parental control on the Internet with Play Store, which will block the entrance. Protecting children on the Internet is not a simple unconditional block on the Internet. Such protection will not lead to anything good. Tantrums, nervous breakdowns, hatred of parents - this is what you can achieve by completely turning off the Internet on your child’s phone.

The only normal adequate protection of children on the Internet Is to know what sites they visit and what they are doing on the Internet. And then to conduct conversations or in some other way (you know the nature of your children better) to influence so that the child himself understands that there is nothing good on such sites.

VkurSe Internet Parental Control - This is a program that allows you to monitor all the actions of a child that he performs on the Internet:

  • Which sites it visits (browser history);
  • what he writes in chats (keyboard interception);
  • what games he plays (screenshots);
  • with whom correspondence (interception of correspondence);
  • what kind of photo gets (photo capture);
  • temporarily block applications.

In addition, our program will allow parents to be aware of the following:

  • which photos are stored on the phone;
  • where is at the given moment of time (current coordinates);
  • where he went (full route of movement);
  • to whom and why did you call (call recording);
  • what did he do on the phone (screenshot);
  • what he is talking with friends about (recording environment);
  • and much more.

There is a program for parental control of the Internet on the phone and tablet (download VkurSe for Android), there is a separate program for laptop and computer (download VkurSe for Windows), as well as parental controls for iPhone (for example, mSpy for IPhone).

Mobile Internet Control

The control of mobile Internet in a phone or tablet is in no way different from the parental control of wireless Internet (Wi-Fi). The program will intercept all the actions that the child performs on his device, regardless of what Internet he uses.

How to install a control program on the Internet

Attention! You need to install a monitoring program on the Internet on a child’s phone or tablet. The device must be Android. The control will not work on the Internet in the iPhone.

If you want to secretly monitor a child, then select 30 minutes, install the program, and then hide it. If the child will know about control - then just download and install.

Step 1. Complete a quick easy registration on the page "Home».

After registration, a free trial period is given. At this time, you need to install and check the program on the device.

Step 2. Set parental control on the Internet for free from the page "Download».

Step 3. Download a step-by-step guide, where the pictures show each step of installing and configuring the program on the "Мanagement».

Step 4. Install, configure, reboot the child’s device.

Step 5. Go to your personal account and watch the information intercepted by the program.



In conclusion, I would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that protecting children on the Internet is not blocking the Internet and is a gross prohibition on viewing YouTube or sites. This tactful timely return of the child to the “righteous road”, thanks to the VkurSe program - which will help you to be aware of everything that the child does on the Internet on his phone or tablet.


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