Full iPhone control: calls, correspondence, photos

How to listen to an iPhone (calls, correspondence, surroundings)? How to track where the child is? How to monitor employees' iPhone? Why is it needed and what will it give! Instructions for installing spyware for iPhone and iPad. VkurSe - stay informed!

As all users of our VkurSe service know, we do not provide the ability to control an iOS-based mobile device. However, our consultants (quite often) are asked questions specifically about installing a spy on an iPhone or iPad, as well as how you can hack an iPhone from a distance, without access, by phone number or by its IMEI.

Attention! We want to immediately weed out the wrong concepts - remember, please, no one will ever give you the opportunity to hack an iPhone by phone number or by IMEI. Controlling in this way is technically impossible! Beware of scammers!

But it is quite possible to follow the iPhone without installing the program on the controlled device.

We want to offer you one of the most popular software in the world, which has been working for more than 10 years - this is mSpy mobile spy for iOS... An absolutely legal application. Doesn't need to be installed on controlled iPhone and iPad. Allows you to control literally everything that is done on the gadget. Installed only on your smartphone.


5 reasons to track an iPhone: a child, family or employees

Reason 1. Parental control over a minor child

After buying a phone for a child, the question immediately arises of how to track the child's iPhone in order to:

  • know its location;
  • know with whom you correspond;
  • know who he is talking to;
  • what the photo gets;
  • what is looking on the Internet;
  • and much more.

A child, getting into the virtual world, we accept it exactly the same as the real physical one. Knowing that he is looking at his iPhone and what he is interested in, you can have a conversation that you do not need to believe everything that is written there, click on everything that blinks, buy everything that is offered there. You need to explain to your child that there are many people on the Internet who hide their real names and faces in order to lure out personal information or make an appointment.

The older the child gets, the more interesting the Internet becomes for him. Endless possibilities provide endless freedom to choose what to watch and with whom to communicate.

Important! The Internet should not be banned, but controlled! It is necessary not to prohibit, but to explain!

Important! The older the child is, the harder it is to guide him. That is why the wiretapping of the iPhone of children is simply necessary for parents. While children are just beginning to learn about the world and accept your advice without aggression.


Reason 2. Control over teenager's iPhone

With a teenager, things are completely different. He is already a person and is well aware of this. He has a right to his privacy. He will be against the recordings of conversations on his iPhone. However, parental control over a teenager's iPhone is as necessary as over a small child, and even more.

Knowing where he is during school hours, after school and where he walks in the evenings is the first task of parents. It is also necessary to record telephone conversations on the iPhone. Hidden to do this or tell your child about the established control is your own business. But this must be done without fail.


Reason 3. Record on iPhone (calls, screen, sound)

Quite often, it is the recordings of conversations that are needed, and not only telephone conversations, but also that take place near the smartphone (in the office, on the street, in the car).

For example, you have an appointment, and you do not remember the address, or you listed the necessary information (goods, items, addresses, conditions), and you did not have time to write them down on paper. But you never know what situations there are when you need to turn on the recording of the conversation on the iPhone, and then listen to them.

That is why, the application for recording conversations on iPhone is practically the most popular among users of mobile apples.

Mobile Spy for iPhone mSpy, of course, has iPhone call recording as well as screen and ambient sound recording. All this will make it easier to recover forgotten or lost information in a matter of minutes.


Reason 4. Check for fidelity (spouse or loved one)

Checking your soul mate for loyalty is a normal and understandable desire. This is one of the most common reasons why people want to install a spy on the iPhone of their wife, husband or loved one.

You just need to take into account one important fact - secret surveillance without the knowledge is illegal. And if you want to spy on the iPhone of your husband or wife, your fiancée or your beloved boyfriend, think first. After all, this can lead to undesirable consequences. We are not talking about a possible divorce or a serious fight. We are talking about a violation of the current legislation, about a criminal punishment or a monetary fine for the established secret surveillance.


Reason 5. Control over the work of subordinates (office, field, remote)

The manager has the right to know what his subordinates are doing during the working day. He hires workers and pays them money to do a specific job, and not to waste time. The bosses have every right to install an iPhone tracking application on corporate mobile devices.

They conduct an oral conversation with employees or sign a document stating that corporate control has been established on working mobile devices, which allows you to track the location of an employee through an iPhone, as well as see his business correspondence with clients and other actions on the gadget during working hours.


Is it legal to use a mobile spy on iPhone

The main and most burning question that arises before everyone who wants to install a spy app on an iPhone or iPad is how legal is it?

The use of full control and tracking software for an iOS mobile phone or tablet will be legal if:

  • it is your own mobile device;
  • it is a mobile device of your minor child;
  • it is a mobile device of your adult child and he or she is aware of the established controls;
  • Your family members know that control is installed on their mobile device;
  • Your employees are aware that the mobile device is under corporate control.

In addition, you have no right to disclose the information received if the owner of the mobile device does not want it.

If you do not violate the above points, then such wiretapping of the iPhone is considered legal. You can use it for Parental control purposes, control over your loved ones, and also as a corporate control over your employees.


How to track an iPhone without installation


application mSpy for iphone - a unique opportunity to follow the iPhone, read someone else's correspondence, see the location, listen to the surroundings, have phone records without installing the program.

To do this, you need to: know the iCloud password and Apple ID - register on the site - pay for the subscription - download the program to your phone - enter the data of the required iPhone into the program.

To install the mSpy application on the iPhone, you will need 1 time to have full authorized physical access to the target device in order to make the necessary settings - enable (activate) iCloud backup on the iOS device. You don't need to install a mobile spy on your iPhone.

So we introduced you to one of the best and time-tested ways to spy on an iPhone without installing it on the target phone - the mSpy spy app.

The choice, as always, is yours. We just answered your questions that you ask our consultants about how you can jailbreak an iPhone without installing the program and what reasons make people follow the iPhone.


Good luck and love your loved ones!