UPDATE dated 14.02.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX

4,3,0,6 (Beta)

ATTENTION! All previous versions of the application will not be updated.

To update, you must remove the old application and only after that install a new one!

After installation, it may be necessary to re-register the GCM for management through the site.

Changes in version (Beta)

crash on the root (Fixed)
-Crashes when moving to the system (Fixed)
-recording calls (Some did not work)
- recording settings removed all formats except mp3

Download (Beta)

P \ S Update is focused on new devices with android 6+. Everyone who decides to update is a beta version, so keep in mind the fact that glitches are possible on some devices - we write all this in a personal email.

Generations are temporarily not available for version 4,3,0,6 Beta

Question answer
Question 1
Why it is impossible to update automatically
We would gladly do this, but only in this way, or not in general.

Question 2
What else are you planning
We plan a lot of things (online screen viewing, etc., etc.), but now it is a priority to bring to mind what is.

Question 3
When will the customer be?
An updated client will be released shortly

Question 4
Can I not update?
Yes you can - but all new features will be supported from version 4,3,0,3

P \ s - preferably before installation - remove old beta versions. If the version is stable, then be sure to delete it and then install it.