To use the Vkur.Se application, you must download it directly from our website and install it on the Android device (controlled phone or tablet) that you want to control.


Remember the three basic rules of the VkurSe service:

1. VkurSe application controls the Android device on which it is installed - installing the application on a controlled device is MANDATORY.

2. The link to the application is provided free of charge and without registration. The link is in the cloud storage and is issued automatically as soon as you click on Home page button "Free download" or on the page Download.

3. Control is carried out through a personal account (located on the site), as well as through the "Client" - a mobile version of the account, adapted specifically for Android phones.



Registration takes place on the main page of the site. Login and password:

  • should not contain spaces, periods, commas, colons, asterisks, hash marks and other special characters;
  • everything should be in small English letters or numbers;
  • must be more than 5 characters.

It is better to use gmail, yandex or rambler for registration. The services,,, may not receive data.

After successful completion of registration, you will receive a notification by email.


Install VkurSe Application

Here about where the application is installed and where the control is from - How to install the application correctly

Here is the step-by-step installation and configuration of the application on the Android phone (with screenshots) - Application Installation Guide Vkur.Se in pdf format

We advise you to download the manual somewhere and, as shown in the pictures, install the application:

  1. On the controlled phone, you need to click "Monitor this device" - "Main Application" is installed.
  2. On your phone, you need to click "Track from this device" - "Client" will open (mobile version of the account).

PS Up to 10 devices can be linked to one personal cabinet (account). Payment is made for one account - and it doesn't matter how many devices are linked to it (one or ten). In other words, you pay for the work of your personal account, which will give you information on all devices linked to it.


If you have any questions, ask our online consultants!