The best smartphone with conversation recording from the line 2022

Need a smartphone with a conversation recording from the line? Want to record calls to listen later at a convenient time? Looking for a program? What smartphones with recording telephone conversations from the line exist in 2022?

Smartphones with recording telephone conversations from the line in 2022

Today, most smartphones have a problem with recording conversations from a telephone line. This is especially true for Samsung brand devices. On Xiaomi and Honor, such problems are much less common. On Lenovo, it is generally impossible to determine exactly which device will record and which will not.

At first glance, the devices seem to be the same, but on one there is a record, on the other there. And there is no way through a regular record, not through downloaded software from the Play Store.

Basically, the problem with recording a conversation from the line occurs on Android phones 9 and 10 versions. But, they also cannot record the devices that were manufactured (stitched) in certain regions. In addition, the recording depends on the function enabled in the kernel. There are stock dialers / recorders where there is an icon for enabling recording of a telephone conversation. What kind of devices have this function by default, no one can know. So the function in the kernel can be enabled, but the dialer itself does not support this functionality.

For example, Xiaomi, there downloaded free programs from the Play Store normally write the voice of the interlocutor. And since dialers / recorders are programs that use the api to record, then Xiaomi does not have this api blocked. Thus, we can say that Xiaomi is a smartphone with the ability to record, which can be done with a regular recording device and with specialized applications. But ... again, not about all 100% of the devices.

The same goes for other phones. What to do in this case? How to solve the problem?


How to make a regular phone - the best smartphone with recording a telephone conversation in 2022

So how do you get a phone with live call recording in 2022? After all, this is such a convenient and necessary function. The files with the recording can be listened to at any convenient time to refresh the memory of the details of the conversation or provide the file itself in a disputable situation.

About how to solve the problem with recording a telephone conversation, if the recording does not work due to the region, you can read here.

If the matter is in the firmware, then we suggest you install on your smartphone a specialized VkurSe program tested by time and users.

Our program will allow you to keep abreast of all actions on your smartphone. Once you install it on your Android, you will receive not only a smartphone with call recording from the line, but also a number of other features:

  • Record all phone calls;
  • Details of all calls (time, name, number, call duration);
  • Coordinates on the map when making a call;
  • Phone location (full route and current coordinates);
  • Remotely record ambient sound (voice recorder);
  • Reading SMS messages and correspondence on the Internet;
  • Monitoring internal phone folders;
  • Monitoring saved photos and videos;
  • Automatic screenshots (screenshots);
  • Interception of typed text on the keyboard (keylogger);
  • Remote application blocking;
  • Alarm triggering;
  • and much more (see Capabilities).

The program is installed on all versions of Android, on all devices and tablets.


Where can I download a recording program?

Before you download the program, you must register - come up with a username and password. Immediately after registration you will open a personal account. You can log into it with this username and password.

Then you need download the installation file of the VkurSe program for free. In order to install and configure the program correctly, the site has walkthrough - it shows in the pictures what needs to be done before installation, during and after installation of the program.

Immediately after registration, a free trial period will be presented in which you can check the program’s functions. You will get a wonderful phone with recording a conversation from the line.

If the phone is always connected to the Internet, then the recording of the conversation from the telephone line will immediately be transferred to the office, where you can listen to it. If the Internet is periodically turned off on the phone, then the recording file will be transferred to the office as soon as the Internet is turned on on the phone.


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Date of last update: 07.01.2022