How to install the VkurSe app correctly

Remember the three basic rules of the VkurSe service:

1. VkurSe application controls the Android device on which it is installed - installing the application on a controlled device is MANDATORY.
2. Link to VkurSe app provided free and without registration. The link is located in the cloud storage and is issued automatically as soon as you click on the DOWNLOAD button on Home page or on the page Download.
3. Control is carried out through a personal account (located on the VkurSe website) or through the "Client" (mobile version of the account).

Customer - this is the same personal account, only in the mobile version. Installed on your own Android. It is for convenience, so as not to go into the browser. You don't have to install it, but just go to the office through the site.


Before installation, check out your personal account - «Мanagement» (everything here is about the office - where to send commands from and where to look at data), necessarily download yourself Vkur.Se user manual  (here is a step-by-step installation and setup of an application on an Android phone) - so that later there are no problems due to the fact that you incorrectly installed or configured the application.


Attention! Data in the office is stored exactly 1 month from the moment it is received and then permanently deleted. Therefore, if they are important to you, keep them to yourself - there is no separate archive on the service. And one more important point - if you yourself deleted the data, then it is impossible to return them - there is no separate archive on the service.



How to install the VkurSe application

You can register on the site, from the "Client", or from the "Main application". As it is convenient for you. 

1. To register, come up with a username and password. At least 4 characters. Small English letters and numbers. No emoticons, stars, dots, commas, or other icons.


2. We download or transfer the installation file to both the controlled Android (which will be controlled) and to your Android (from which you will be controlling).


3. During the installation of the application, you will need to select:

  1. "Track from this device" - "Client" will open (mobile version of the account). Installed on your own Android phone... Thus, you can immediately access your personal account from your phone and view the information received.
  2. "Track this device" - will offer you to download the "Main Application". Installed on a controlled Android phone... Attention! After installing the "Main application", it is necessary to remove the "Client" application from the menu of the controlled phone.

To set everything up correctly, download yourself «Vkur.Se user manual'.

After installation, be sure to restart the device.


4. We go to your personal account. All devices linked to this account will be displayed in the "Devices" tab. Also there is a tab "Data", "Commands", "Routes". Everything is in Russian and is perfectly understandable.



A bit about payment

Payment is made / extended FOR ONE account (see. Pay).

You can attach up to 10 devices to one account.

In other words, you pay for the work of your personal account, which will give you information on all devices attached to it. You can read about how the cabinet is paid. here.


A little about root rights

Without root rights you can: receive lists of incoming and outgoing calls, read SMS, record phone calls will work, you can record the environment and screenshots (screenshots), receive keyboards and voice archives from instant messengers, know the location of the phone around the clock and much more.

If the phone has root rights - after their provision, the full functionality will work (reading social networks and instant messengers, browser history, etc.). You will be able to transfer the application to the system and after resetting to factory settings, it will continue to work.

PS We do not give advice on granting root rights. Turn to Google, for example, “make rooting on Samsung” and MANDATORY Read the profile forums about your device.


Write all questions to our online consultants - they answer immediately in real time!