How to view the browser history of someone else's phone

Do you want to know which sites your child or family members visit? Need a mobile browser history from someone else's phone? In fact, this is not difficult to do. We will tell you: 1. How to open a story on your phone. 2.How to view the history of visits on someone else's phone. 3. How to install and configure the program. 4. How it will transfer data to you. 5. Where you can see the history of someone else's phone from your phone or computer. The main and only requirement is that the phone must be on the Android operating system. You won't be able to view someone else's history of visiting sites from an iPhone.


A little about painful

The Internet provides limitless information on absolutely any (!) Topics. What can the phone history show? A lot of things! What sites are interesting to a person. What topics fascinates him. Which sites he visited by chance (for example, 1 request within six months), and which often. A specialized program will help you monitor site visits from any Android device (smartphone or tablet).

According to the queries that a person drives into the search for Chrome, it is possible to track the interests of a person. Our program will be able to show the history of the phone so that you can control what topics he (a child, loved one, wife, husband or employee at work) is looking for sites on, how deeply he studies these topics. Was it one fleeting surge of interest, or was he persistently looking for the same topic on different sites.

When it comes to your own device, then you can find sites that you visited, but now forget how you found them. Agree, this often happens: you stubbornly search, find, read, close. And then he was suddenly needed again, and again these dreary searches are coming - no, the history of visits was created for this - they went in and found.


Question 1. How do I open a story on my phone?

You can open your browsing history on your own phone to view or delete it as follows:

Step 1. Find and open Chrome on your phone.

Step 2. Press "More" - the upper right corner if the address bar is on top and swipe up from the bottom if it is located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Click "History".

Thus, you can view or delete those sites that were searched on your phone.


Question 2. How can I view the application history on someone else's phone?

Based on what result you want to get, there will be two radically different options.

Option 1. If you need a history of visiting sites that is already on the phone of another person and you want to view it once, then you need to take his phone, go into history and look (see Question 1).

Option 2. If you need to view the history from someone else's smartphone every day, but there is no daily access to it, then you need 1 time install the VkurSe program and periodically receive the history of this phone to your phone or computer.


Question 3. How can I view the browsing history on my phone invisibly?

In order for you to have access to the history of someone else's phone's mobile browser, and you could view it unnoticed, you need to do the following steps:

Step 1. Register on the site.

Step 2. Download for free and install the VkurSe program.

Step 3. Go to your account and view the history of site visits.

The data will be stored in the account for exactly 1 month after they are received. Optionally, you can download and save them to your PC or USB flash drive.


Question 4. How to view the history of visiting sites on the phone remotely?

In order not to pick up the phone every time and not go into history, you need to install the program once (see Question 3), and then, at any time convenient for you, go into the office and watch the history there on Android on which the program was installed.


Question 5. How to enter history on someone else's phone?

If the phone is not available, and you need to view the history, then take the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the account (it will open immediately after registration);

Step 2. Send the command "Read browser history";

Step 3. Click on the answer.

Now you know how to find out the history of visiting sites on your phone, without getting close to it.


Question 6. How can I view the search history on Android in Opera?

It should be noted that the program will be able to intercept only the search that was driven into the Chrome browser. If a person uses the Opera browser, then it will not be possible to remotely view the browsing history. Then you will need to find the time, pick up the phone and, following the steps (see Question 1), go to the Opera browser and find "History" there.


Question 7. How can I find the history of visiting sites from YouTube on my phone?

To open your browsing history in the Youtube mobile application, you need:

Step 1. Go to Youtube

Step 2. Go to Account

Step 3. Click on "Viewed" or "Browsing history"

Thus, you can view or delete those videos that you watched on your phone.


Question 8. Can I view the deleted browsing history on my phone?

Yes you can! Now we will tell you how to view the browsing history on your Android phone that has been deleted. To do this, we do all 3 steps (see Question 3). Then we go into our office. The whole story will be available there. Even the one that was removed from the phone.

The program works as follows: a person went to Chrome - wrote in a search - the program intercepted it - transferred it to the office. That's all. Therefore, there is a real opportunity to track the deleted history of visited sites.


Question 9. Is it possible to view the history of a mobile browser without a program?

Yes, you can. We described above how to view the history of visiting sites on someone else's phone without installing programs (see Question 2, option 1). The essence remains the same - pick up the phone, go to the browser, click on History and see. There is no other way you can do this. Installing the program allows you not even to approach the monitored phone, but to completely control it. Once installed and the entire history of the mobile browser is in your hands.


Question 10. How can I view the history of someone else's phone from my phone?

You can enter the office from any device - computer, laptop, tablet, Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad. You enter the site, enter your username and password that you came up with during registration and that's it - the entire history of the mobile browser from someone else's phone becomes available to you. If you want to watch the history of the application, which is kept on someone else's phone from your phone, then you can install the mobile version of the cabinet. The main thing is that your own phone is Android.

What else can VkurSe program do?

The VkurSe program is a full control over all actions of the phone. After installation, you will have access to:

  • browser history;
  • recording of telephone conversations and voice messages;
  • full description of all calls;
  • location determination;
  • correspondence in social networks and instant messengers;
  • sound recording through a microphone;
  • photos taken with the camera;
  • photos received via the Internet;
  • list of contacts and all installed applications;
  • interception of keystrokes;
  • notifications coming in the curtain;
  • and much more.

So you can not only track your browsing history and site visits, but also much, much more.


Probably difficult to establish?

No, the installation of the program is pretty easy. The site has a video review that you can watch. You can also free download installation guide (it is in pictures and written in simple understandable language). The installation will take approximately 10 minutes. Register on the site about 2 minutes. So everything about everything will take you 15 minutes.


Is it paid?

First, you will register on the site, then download the installation file (see Question 3). Then install and configure the program according to your wishes. It will all be absolutely free. The first day after registration, the program will work for free. Then the work of the office will need to be paid. There will be no feature restrictions during the free trial period. You will install and check how the program works on your device.


If you have any questions - write to our consultants!


And finally

Multifunctionality is trending now. And therefore, if you want to do one thing, then immediately see what else it can give you. Telephones have long ceased to be just devices for calls. They are worn by everyone and everywhere. And therefore, having installed the VkurSe program once, which will allow you to open history on someone else's phone, you will get really complete control over your Android devices.



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