How to use the VkurSe account

cabinet - this is your personal page on the site where data is stored, commands, settings, etc. Only you can get into the account - knowing your login and password. You will come up with the login and password for registration yourself!

How to correctly register VkurSe, see here >>

To get into your personal account, you need to click on "Login / Register" on the main page of VkurSe and enter your username and password (which you came up with during registration).


Attention! Never tell anyone your password, do not store it on your computer or write it down on a piece of paper. We give a 100% guarantee that the data in your personal account is reliably protected from leakage and hacking.

General view of an empty office

On the top panel: logo of the VkurSe application, List of added phones, "Balance", "Personal data", "Notifications (news)" and the entrance to the VkurSe Windows cabinet (a program that monitors Windows PC).

On the left side of the tab: "Run command", "Track activity", "Build a route", "Manage files" and "Cabinet settings".

Right side: Selected device coordinates, Speed ​​and Battery charge.


Added (linked) devices

You can add (bind) 10 devices to one cabinet at the same time. The number of devices does not affect the payment for an account.

How to install VkurSe application on Android, see here >>

We select the desired phone - just click on it.

The map will show the location of the phone, on the right side: coordinates, speed and battery charge. The map can be zoomed in with the mouse wheel.


Run Command Tab

First, you need to go to "Show all" - and select the command or setting that you want to send:

If you often use a number of specific commands, then they can be transferred to the "Favorite commands". This is to avoid looking from the list every time. We say that the VkurSe application cabinet has become even more convenient!

Commands and settings can be sent via the Google server - FCM or via the VkurSe server - TCP. They are interchangeable.


Track Activity Tab

Section 1. "Track Activity"

All data that the VkurSe application will transfer from Android will be stored here: recording calls and voice messages, correspondence from social networks and instant messengers, photos, screenshots, notifications (phone shutter), keystrokes and much more.

Section 2. "Configuring Data Forwarding"

You can specify an email address so that data is sent to it. You can configure the data to be shown by quantity and by the interval you specify.


Manage Files Tab

Section 1. "File Management"

Here you can view the internal folders of the controlled phone.

Section 2. "SD card"

You will see everything that is on the SD card of the controlled phone

After all, the Vkurse application is a remote control over an Android phone, the ability to save and delete files, applications and much more at a distance.


"Cabinet Settings" tab (gear)

Section 1. "My Account"

  • Your name (you can think of what you want), it will be visible only to you.
  • Generate the application (give your own name and icon to the VkurSe application).
  • Subscription term.
  • The ability to subscribe.

View and select tariff plans.

Here you can select the desired period and pay for the subscription.

Section 2. "Account Settings"

All data (audio, photo and media) can be deleted here. Delete the account itself.

The ability to change the email address that you specified during registration.



To return to the "General Information" from any tab - just click on the VkurSe logo. Now you know how to use the new Vkurse cabinet. As you can see, it has become really simpler and more understandable.


If you have any questions - write to our online consultants!