The following are ways to transfer funds to WebMoney wallet

At the cash desk of Technobank OJSC
You come to the bank branch and go to the cashier. To replenish your Webmoney wallet, you simply indicate to the cashier the number of your wallet and the amount to be replenished. The bank will take a certain percentage for this operation. That's all, now you just have to wait for the money to arrive in your wallet. This occurs on average after 15-60 minutes. Ticket offices are open from 9.00 in the morning until 16.00.

At any post office near your home
Just come to the post office and take a line at any window. To replenish the wallet, you need to indicate your surname, first name and middle name, as well as the number of the wallet that you want to replenish. The cashier will give you a check about the operation performed. In this case, you will also be charged a commission determined by the bank, which is approximately 3 (three) percent of the replenishment amount. However, the money will have to wait longer, they will arrive on the next banking day until 11:00.

At the cash desks of other Belarusian banks
It is possible to replenish Webmoney purse at the cash desks of all banks that accept payments using the ERIP system (in the "Electronic Money" section). The procedure is the same, indicate the surname name and patronymic, as well as the number of your wallet. After receiving the receipt, wait 30 to 90 minutes and the money will be credited. Naturally, a commission will be taken from you.

Using internet or mobile banking
This is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to fund your Webmoney wallet in Belarus. Money comes to the account in 20-30 minutes. You do not need to leave the house and queue at the cash register, select the ERIP payments, go to the "Electronic money" section, then enter the wallet number and the amount to be replenished. As you know, the ERIP system is supported by all banks, so you have the opportunity to replenish your electronic wallet using your bank card.

ATMs or info kiosks
They also give you the opportunity to replenish Webmoney wallet in Belarus. ATMs of the main Belarusian banks such as Belagroprombank, Belinvestbank, BPS and others will allow you to replenish your electronic wallet. You can use the same service with the help of info kiosks.

You can register and get a wallet in the WebMoney system on official webmoney website