How to pay for VkurSe service - payment methods, auto and manual replenishment

We receive a lot of similar questions: “How to pay for the VkurSe service?”. Below we will talk about what are the ways to recharge a VkurSe account.

Attention! Up to 10 devices can be linked to one personal account (account). ВYou pay for the work of your personal account, which will give you information on all devices attached to it.

Very important! It is necessary to pay strictly in the Cabinet or in the Client. If you pay in a browser or in the Qiwi, Yandex application or in something else (as some users do), then activation will not occur and the money will be lost.



The client is a mobile version of the account, installed on the Android phone. We go to the "Client" and do the following:

Step 1. Click on the icon (in the upper left corner) - the settings menu comes out

Step 2. Click on the cross (in the upper right corner) - the payment menu comes out

Step 3. We expose the required amount ($ 2 = 1 credit)

Step 4... Choose a payment method (MasterCard, Visa, Yandex money, Sberbank, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, FreeKassa and others).

Thus, you can pay for the VkurSe program in a convenient way for you.


If there are loans

If you already have credits on your balance, then you just need to renew your subscription:


Step 1. Click on "Extend"

Step 2. Select the duration of the subscription and click "OK"

Step 3... A window will open, where the required number of credits will be indicated (1 credit = 2 $) - click "OK".

There will be a notification - "Subscription renewed". You can see the number of days and the end of the subscription in the initial menu.

As you can see, it is quite easy to pay for the work of the VkurSe program or renew the subscription through the mobile Client.



1. If there are loans on the account

Step 1. We go into the office and click on the "Gear":

Step 2. Click "Select a tariff plan":

Step 3. Click on the plan (tariff) you need:

Step 4. We get to the desired plan (tariff). The amount to be paid is shown here and the option to choose a payment method is given:

Step 5. Choosing a convenient payment method. More than 20 payment methods are presented in the account:

We pay for the cabinet.


2. If there are no credits in the cabinet

If there are no credits on the account, then the following inscription will appear:

Click "Tariffs" and immediately go to Step 3. Select the desired tariff, payment method and pay for the account.

Very important! If after payment a link "Return to the store" or "Return to the seller's website" will appear - you must click on this link. Otherwise, the automation will not work, the license will not be activated and the money will be lost.


The following payment methods are provided:

FREE-CASS - acceptance of electronic payments, allowing you to replenish your Vkur.Se account in a variety of ways, such as:

  • payment systems: YandexMoney and Qiwi wallet;
  • mobile payments: MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and others;
  • bank transfers: Sberbank, Alfa-Bank and others;
  • cash payment: Russian terminals.

LIQPAY Is Visa and MasterCard

As well as payment systems PayPal, WebMoney, YandexMoney, QIWI and others.


Warning! It is impossible to replenish VkurSe account manually or by direct transfer from card to card! Payment is made only through the Cabinet or "Client".


Attention! If you paid VkurSe, but the subscription did not last or credits were not credited to the account, be sure to write your username, amount and payment method to the Consultant (if online) or feedback form.