3 working ways to read someone else's Viber in 2022

Do you need a really working Viber spy to read someone else’s correspondence remotely? You do not know how to read other people's messages in Viber so that the owner does not find out about this?

We present to you really working and reliable 3 ways to read someone else's Viber in 2022 without going to the user’s page.

We want to draw your attention to the following: "read someone else's messages in Viber" and "go into someone else's Viber" - these are completely different functions that carry completely different semantic loads.

Reading someone else's messages in Viber remotely - this is the ability to read incoming and outgoing messages without having to go to the page itself, with the help of an established spy who will intercept messages while they are reading / sending them and transmit this correspondence to a third party, i.e. You.

Hacking an account or how to log into someone else's vibe - this is penetration of the page itself, where it becomes possible to do any actions on behalf of the page owner - spyware applications do not do this, this is not data interception, but hacking. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to go to someone else's page in Viber, this article will not be able to help you.



Method number 1. Read Alien Viber By Installing VkurSe Spy

In order to read other people's messages in Viber, you need to install Viber VkurSe spyware on the phone (from which these messages are received, read and sent).

Our spyware program for Viber will allow you to:

  • read other people's messages from Viber;
  • listen to Viber’s voice messages;
  • view received and sent photos, even which the owner will delete after viewing;
  • and much more (see Capabilities).

The first way in which you can read Viber messages from someone else’s phone is if you have the opportunity to take this phone and install our spy there yourself.



Where can I download the Viber spy program for an Android phone?

Download Viber spy free you can visit our website by clicking on the "Download" button on the main page - you will be transferred to the repository, where you can download the link to the application.

Viber spy can also be downloaded for free from the "Download"- there will be a download link.

During the installation of the application, you will need to select:

  1. Button "Track from this device"-" Client "will open (mobile version of the account). Installed on your own Android phone. Thus, you can immediately get into your personal account from your phone and view the information received.
  2. Button "Monitor this device"- will offer you to download the" Main application ". Installed on the controlled Android phone.

You can not download the client (client part), but simply go from any browser through any device to your personal account, which will appear after registration. Client - This is a mobile version of the office, it’s just for convenience, so that without entering your username and password from your Android, immediately get into the office.

How registration occurs and how to install Viber spyware on an Android phone is described in sufficient detail in the article “How to properly install the VkurSe application »... All questions about the installation or operation of the service can be asked online to consultants or written in a feedback letter.

Attention! And if the controlled phone is an iPhone, then reading Viber from the IPhone will help program mSpy for iOs.


Method number 2. Read other people's messages Viber giving a new phone

And how to read other people's messages in Viber without access to the phone? If for some reason you can’t get the phone you need to install our spyware program for Viber tracking on it, then the second way to read someone else’s messages from Viber is suitable for you - order from us and give it to the person you need.

This service is provided by the VkurSe service and it is called "All at once". So, in order to receive messages from someone else’s Viber without access to the phone, you need to order a ready-made phone from us (model, color and price are discussed individually), the experts will install the VkurSe application on this phone and send it to the address you specified in a new box via mail or courier services. Having received a phone that is absolutely new at first glance, and even through a courier service, no one will suspect that a special spy for Viber VkurSe program can be installed on it.



Method number 3. Come with a phone to a specialist and install a Viber spy

Situations are different, for example, you already bought a gift and only then thought about how to view the message on Viber from someone else's phone? In this case, our service provides the opportunity to either drive up to our specialist with your phone or send it by mail to install our VkurSe application.

So, we presented to you the really working ways of reading other people's messages from Viber in 2021, the interception of which will be done by the VkurSe application installed on the phone from which this correspondence is being sent.



Functionality of the program

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the functionality of the VkurSe application is not limited to spy for Viber, i.e. spying on Viber. Thanks to the installed application, you can:

  • see the location of the device at any time of the day;
  • to listen to telephone conversations;
  • read SMS messages;
  • see the list of contacts;
  • see installed applications on the phone;
  • take screenshots of the screen (every 5, 10 or more seconds);
  • record the environment through remote microphone activation;
  • Download yourself all saved photos;
  • remotely take photos from the front or rear camera;
  • read someone else’s correspondence with Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me, VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and KateMobile for VKontakte;
  • listen to voice messages from Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me;
  • see the input characters on the keyboard;
  • See your browsing history (which websites a person visited)
  • remotely control the phone;
  • know when and where they changed the SIM card;
  • and much more (see Capabilities).

How to download the Viber spy program for an Android phone and how to install it is described in detail in the article “How to install the VkurSe app correctly».

If you want to view other people's messages in Viber, install VkurSe.


Do you have any questions? Write to our online consultants!



Date of last change: 07.01.2022