2021-01-03 11:13:46 - Software update

2021-01-03 11:13:46 - Software update

6.2.1-312 version
Improved the stability of getting the location when the application is running in the background.
* Interception of telegrams without root
* Watsap interception without root
* Viber interception without root
Location adjustments
Disable auto remove audio from a cube

P \ s Note that the program reads messages from the screen. She does not read the messages that came a year ago. She does not read the messages that came yesterday, she does not read the messages that came now. She reads only those messages that are displayed in the active chat.
That is: If today 800 messages have come in 100 chats, but only 2 chats were open and only 7 messages were visible. That turnip will only read 7 messages. The rest 793 can be read if you go into these chats and read them, if these chats are not opened, then the messages will not be read.

It's like screenshots, if you open the messenger, you can see the correspondence on the screen.
If the messenger is not opened, then the screens will not be visible

Download links are the same.

P / s Extend the share price drop for another two weeks