The most powerful functionality!

The VkurSe logger program records all incoming / outgoing calls and SMS messages, takes pictures from the camera, determines the location of the device and is such an application that can intercept instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Imo, Gem4me), as well as social networks ( VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook).

In addition, there is access to the file system of the phone, where you can delete or download files, and you can do this remotely.
One personal cabinet (account) you can bind up to 10 devices.

Stay in touch:

Record telephone conversations in both directions and save them in the archive. Keep up to date with all the phone calls made on the phone. Even if the entry with information about the incoming / outgoing call has been deleted, it will still be recorded in the archive of the service

Not everyone stopped using simple SMS messages. The SMS messaging service is still popular today. Our service will give you the opportunity to create a huge archive of your messages directly on your computer. Viewing messages is so convenient that important information will not pass by your eyes. Even if the message has been deleted, you will still be aware of what is written there

The very first social network Facebook today is a leader in the market of social networks. Although Facebook is a foreign social network, it has a lot of Russian-speaking users, and some users from the CIS countries simply sit only on Facebook and not anywhere else. With our service you will be up to date with everything happening on Facebook through the official app. You will have access to all Facebook correspondence online.

This social network uses a huge number of people from the CIS countries. Our service will give you the opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening on the social network, and you can also read other people's letters in Odnoklassniki from the official messenger. Read other people's SMS in Odnoklassniki has become much more accessible and safer

Recently, the VKontakte project has become a very popular social network. Along with this, the question has become urgent: “How can VKontakte read other people's messages”? The answer is simple: to read other people's messages on VKontakte, download our application and immediately after installation you will have such an opportunity


WhatsApp instant messenger is the most popular instant messenger on mobile devices in the world. WhatsApp is used both for personal or intimate as well as for business correspondence. Here a logical question arises: “Is it possible to read someone else’s WhatsApp?”. The service will allow you to be aware of not only the messenger message archive, but also read WhatsApp correspondence online. And also you have the opportunity to set the forwarding of WhatsApp messages to your email

Viber messenger is no less popular, and many are wondering how to hack someone else's Viber, or how to read someone else's Viber messages. Using you can record all conversations and messages made in Viber. Also, using our service, reading Viber messages online has become easier and more accessible.

Millions of people fell in love with Skype for its simplicity and convenience. To date, the application is installed in almost all more or less advanced users. Using our service you will be aware of what your subordinate, child, spouse / beloved husband is doing away from your attention

Millions of people fell in love with Telegram for its simplicity and convenience. To date, the application is installed on almost all users in the CIS. Using our service, you will be aware of what your subordinate, child, spouse / beloved husband is doing away from your attention. Correspondence, photos and voice - full monitoring of Telegram.

Monitoring no less popular instant messengers such as Instagram, KateMobile for Vkontakte, Gem4me and Imo. The VkurSe application will allow you to fully control the actions of your child, employees or a loved one in these social networks.

Why you should choose VkurSe

☆ Easy and intuitive setup with settings.
☆ Huge selection of features.
☆ Remote control of the controlled device.
☆ XNUMX/XNUMX technical support and online consultation.
☆ Free trial period.

VkurSe application is an opportunity to keep abreast of all the actions of your child, employees and loved ones. This is a complete unobtrusive control of a mobile device without breaking the law.



Register on the site

Registration can be done on the website, or during the installation of the application. Coming up with a username and password - at least 4 characters. All in small English letters and numbers. Not allowed: spaces, periods, commas and other signs. For registration it is better to use gmail, yandex or rambler mail. The services,,, may not receive data.

Download the installation file

On the device controlled by Android, select the "Monitor this device" item. Install on your Android and select the "Track from this device" item.

Install the application

In the application settings, it is possible to disable or enable the functions you need. The interface is very clear and therefore you can easily figure it out. For your convenience, we have recorded a video instruction, as well as created a PDF version of the manual and uploaded it to Google Drive - open it. - open

Reboot the device

After setting up the application, just restart the device

We receive data in a personal account

Login to the cabinet is carried out from any device through our website (just enter your username / password). And you can use the "Client" - this is a convenient mobile account for Android phones. Attention! Do not share your password with third parties. Change passwords more often.

You also have the opportunity to personally create a name for the application (for example: Android System Service), after which it will not be possible to find on the Internet, because the name will be your personal one.

We offer a fully customized solution for building your business reselling services “Vkur.Se” (white label reselling)

If you are interested in an affiliate program, write to a consultant

Over the 12 years of the existence of our service, we are actively using:

Statistics of the use of our users service on 100%
Parents and families - 65%
Enterprises, etc. 35%


We have created an application that does not require special skills and knowledge, and starts working immediately after installation.

Video review

So that you don’t have any difficulties while using the service, look at the detailed video review of the Vkur.Se service. In it you will learn: how to install correctly, how to configure and how to use the service through your personal account

Price list

Payment is debited from user accounts for the provision of information services (access to personal information, viewing your own video messages and other data).

Standard 10 $

$ 10

1 month of using the service for $ 10!

Full access

Up to 10 devices

Android client

Online Support - Yes

1 month data storage

1 day free

Favorable 30 $

$ 30 *

6 months of using the service at a hot price! 30 $ instead of 60 $ It is possible to activate the package at any time

Benefit 50%

Full access

Up to 10 devices

Android client

Online Support - Yes

1 month data storage

1 free generation

1 day free

Gold 50 $

$ 50 *

Profitable subscription for a year with 60% savings. You can activate the package at any time. Highly in demand among our users.

Benefit 60%

Full access

Up to 10 devices

Android client

Online Support - Yes

1 month data storage

2 free generations

1 day free

VIP 75 $

$ 75 *

The subscription is valid for 2 years. Benefit 70%. It is possible to connect the package at any time. A package for serious people who know how to determine the benefits

Benefit 70%

Full access

Up to 10 devices

Android client

Online Support - Yes

1 month data storage

3 free generations

1 day free

And a little more about our functionality!

And this is just a short list of what we can do:


Send phone location coordinates based on time period

Internet monitoring

Archiving phone actions on the site


Forward all incoming and outgoing messages to an email address


Monitor photos and send them by email


Remote start or stop phone monitoring


Take screenshots of the time and interval


Block your phone remotely using the Internet

All possibilities

See the full list of features

Download the VkurSe App

For corporate control over employees, we provide a commercial offer! All prices on the site are for private use!

After installing the application once, you will have full round-the-clock control of your Android devices. Our technical support works 24/7 and will always come to the rescue. We give a 100% guarantee for the absolute safety of your data in your account. We are glad to cooperate with you!